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                I mentioned yesterday that I was going to be dedicating a post everyday for the next weeks to The Vampire Diaries leading up to the finale. For the next week, each post will be about different members of the cast, what I thought they brought to the show, my favorite moments and quotes from them and so on! Obviously we kick this off Nina Dobrev, as Ms. Elena Gilbert and Ms. Katherine Pierce. There were so many amazing quotes and moments from them, but i just picked a few of my favorites.

Elena Gilbert.


This one is something I’ve held onto myself personally. If the person you’re with doesn’t make you grateful to be alive… then what’s the point…?

This not only described Alaric, but just about every single one of us struggling with anything.

giphy (1).gif

The scene when Elena loses Jeremy, and completely loses it. Some of Dobrevs greatest work as Elena as far as I’m concerned.



“I’ll survive, somehow I always do”- Elena

“The worst day of loving someone is the day you lose them” – Elena


Elena got stronger and more independent as the season went on, which was a great transition to watch.

“I would write, Dear Diary, Today I convinced myself it’s ok to give up. Stick with the status quo, now just isn’t the time. But my reasons aren’t reasons, they’re excuses and the truth is, I’m scared Stefan. I’m scared that if I let myself be happy for one minute, that the my world’s going to come crashing down and I don’t know if I’ll be able to survive that.”

“What is love to you…?” “Never Giving Up”


Matt: So what’s the problem? Elena: The problem is Damon. When I’m with him, it just consumes me. And I know that I can’t love them both, I know that it’s wrong, but when I choose one, then I’ll lose the other. And I don’t want to lose anyone else. “


probably my favorite quote. I’m fine is so easy to say.



Katherine Pierce.




If we learned anything about Katherine over the years, it’s that she knows how to survive


I must agree with this. 110%. I’ll explain why when I write about Caroline tomorrow!




Katherine having a daughter really made her character come full circle. 


I always believed that Katherine really did love Stefan, & in return I really loved this scene.


When the last episode ended we learned that because Cade is dead, Katherine is now in charge of hell… I cannot wait to see how that turns out…



Watching Nina Dobrev play two opposite characters so beautiful has been outstanding… watching her play FOUR DIFFERENT characters has been even more outstanding. Elena, Katherine, Amara and Tatia were so different and Nina brought a special something to each one, and made then all incredible. It’s been a joy to watch her.

Thank you Nina ❤


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