Raw and SDLive 2/20 and 2/21

Raw and Smackdown Live 2/20 and 2/21


  • I wrote this Raw part of this post as the show was still on. So the format is different this week.

Monday Night Raw. 2.20

  1. Interesting opening segment with Owens in the ring with a spotlight.
  • Talks about Goldberg. How he never got into the hype, he got lucky with his win over Brock, and he is NOTHING to him. & he had nothing to say about Jericho except a mic drop. This was pretty good. I for one am hoping by some miracle, Owens gets to get the win at Fastlane… but I’m not expecting it.


  1. Cesaro and Sheamus vs Cass and Enzo.


  • Number one contenders match. Looked like Cesaro had the match won with all his uppercuts and such but Enzo and Cass picked up the win and Sheamus awarded Enzo with a brogue kick after the match. I feel like the match could have been better… all the competitors are good enough to have had a better match.


  1. It is now 8:50. We’ve had multiple backstage segments and video packages and just that one tag team match. That is extremely annoying.


  1. Tozawa vs Kendrick…


  • Didn’t happen, Kendrick just beat him up and hooked in his captain hook submission. And then he left. When a real match between these two happens it should be pretty good.



  1. ANOTHER 2 on 1 handicap match with Roman vs Karl and Luke


  • Ends in DQ AGAIN. Made the tag team champs look incredibly weak AGAIN. Waste of time AGAIN. I don’t know why any three of them are stuck doing this.


  1. New Day vs Jinder and Rusev.


  • Pre match segment about how New day are hosting Mania.. which is cool… I guess and about other things they have going on. Then the ice cream blue prints on a tablet.
  • New day wins the match. Feel incredibly bad for new day, while they can obviously still kill it in the ring and on the mic, it doesn’t seem like creative knows what to do with them.


  1. George the animal steel tribute video. Very well done, as always.


  1. Contract signing between Jack and Neville with Austin Aries.


  • Neville in, signs tries to leave, which we never see happen. They exchange words. Jack headbutts Neville. Really looking forward to their match at Fastlane.


  1. Nia Jax vs Jobber- Samoan Drop in a minute wins it for Nia.


  • Charley interviews Nia about the bayley charlotte controversy. She says the only controversy is that she hasn’t had her shot yet.


  1. Bayley with title says how awesome it was that she won the title.


-Stephanie out tells her that her reign is tainted because of how she won. Sasha out to defend her and convince her not to relinquish the title. Bayley finally says hell no she wont let the title go. Charlotte comes out and tells her that at Fastlane she’s cashing in her rematch clause. Sasha butts in and somehow we get Charlotte vs Sasha again on Raw.  The segment turned into being less about Bayley being Champion and more about everyone else in the ring.


  1. Charlotte vs Sasha.


  • Dana tries to interfere. Bayley stops her. Sasha gets charlotte in the bank statement and charlotte taps out. While Charlotte and Sasha always have good matches, I really didn’t care to see it again so soon. And im so over charlotte constantly losing on Raw but being the Queen of PPV. Its getting a little silly. They should even it out. Shock us for once.


  • Really happy for DDP. I think it’s incredible the things he’s done for his fellow wrestlers to help get them back on track in life, not to mention the career he had for himself as well.


  1. Zayn promo with Charley

– Loved this Zayn promo. Although it gets him into trouble, Samis promos are becoming outstanding.



  1. Owens vs Zayn.
  • Joe attacks Zayn on the ramp and in the aisle and into the ring. Sami still insists he can go. Even though he just got to shit beat out of him. And then Kevin beats the shit out of zayn and then owens wins. I wish they’d stop giving us this too. It was special… but they’re ruining it


  1. Mick standing up to Steph.
  • It was nice to see Mick stand up to Stephanie, I knew from the beginning that these two working side by side wasn’t going to work very well because they’re TOO different.


  1. Cole sit down with Brock and Paul.  
  • This was so stupid. Such a waste of time. And why did Brock have to get all close and personal with the camera…. Ew.


  1. Braun vs Big Show main event.


  • First off I am so happy to see Big Show main eventing Monday night raw in 2017 and while being in incredible shape too! This match was actually the best part of Raw for me! It was really good! Braun with the kick up and kicking out of the KO punch. Seeing Big Show still go. He was the biggest competition Braun has seen since he got here. And the Drop kick to Roman later? Outstanding. Really loving this guy with all these surprise moves he keeps doing!




Smackdown Live 2.21


  1. Naomi had to relinquish the championship. I understand why, unfortunately she’s hurt, and wont be better within 30 days. I wish they’d just always use the 30 days rule and not just whenever they decide too. I also hope they give her another shot as soon as she’s ready to go again.



  1. Wicked upset about Naomi having to relinquish the championship, especially because of how hard she worked to FINALLY get in that spot. Glad that Alexa got it back though because she is outstanding. The match between here and becky was okay, it did the job of making a champion.




  1. Alpha vs Breezango was pretty good. I’m glad to see Breezango on my tv more that’s for sure! My favorite part though was the Usos promo afterwards. I love those Usos and that promo was incredible.



  1. Nikki vs Nattie. Falls count anywhere. What a match. I couldn’t be happier to see 95% of the match happen outside of the ring. In the crowd, ringside, on the ramp, backstage, everywhere. Nattie gets the win on this great match and maryse and nikki is set up. All around successful.




  1. 10 man Battle Royal
  • Such a great match with a ridiculous ending. To no fault to them I guess, it was CLEARLY obvious that Styles feet hit the floor way before Harpers did. Good way to prolong this whole thing I guess. Harper and Styles will fight one on one next week and that should be a great match up. Excited to see Harper come out on top… as long as they don’t change their minds….



Overall REALLY GOOD episode of SDLive, about 3,000x better than Raw… easy. Raw hasn’t been all that thrilling in weeks… or months… but Monday night it was just awful. I almost turned it off, but my love for Big Show kept it on… yup in 2017 Big Show was the reason I didn’t turn off Raw… go figure.

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