Meatless Monday: Homemade Vegan Soup!

I’ve found it so hard to find decent VEGAN soup, especially where I live, so I just decided to make my own! and oh my gosh, so good. and so easy. I just got some vegetable stock and threw it all together with some veggies and seasonings.



2 Cup of cauliflower

1 ½ Cup of celery

1 tbsp garlic

I cup carrots

½ cup of kale

I cup of zucchini

½ of sweet potato diced

5 cups of vegetable broth

I cup of diced no salt added tomatoes

Tsp basil

Tsp of onion powder ( I HATE actually onions!)

½ tsp of oregano

Salt to taste.


What I did:

  1. diced up the veggies
  2. added the vegetable broth to the crock pot
  3. added the veggies in with the seasoning
  4. I let it cook on low overnight and add seasoning as needed

that easy!



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