Raw and Smackdown Live review! 

Raw and SmackdownLive

2/13  & 2/14


Monday Night Raw.

What I liked.


1.       Charlotte vs Bayley for the Raw Womens Championship 

          Man. This might end of being my favorite Bayley match ever. She’s obviously had great ones, especially in NXT, but as far as main roster goes… this one takes the cake. And quite honestly this might go down as one of Charlottes best matches as well. When Bayley slapped Charlotte and literally knocked her off her feet, that’s when I realized… man, this is going to be so good. Standing dragon sleepers, big boots, insane beautiful moonsaults, springboard elbows, macho elbows, hurricanranas and figure fours, just insane. Even with the Dana and Sasha interference, it didn’t take anything away from the match because it was so quick and there already SO MUCH happening before it. And while I was rooting for Charlotte to win, for two reasons, 1. I wanted this whole Charlotte can’t win on tv just PPV thing to stop and well she’s my favorite. But man, the way Bayley fought for that win, the way the two of them connected, mid way through I found myself not caring who won, because as far as I was concerned, womens wrestling won. I’m sure excited for Bayley. After the Elimination Chamber, seeing one more dream comes true was awesome. The only thing I hope is that this doesn’t go like Sasha and Charlotte with a game of hot potato. Interested to see how this women division goes heading to Fastlane and wrestlemania. 


2.       The Festival of Friendship

          Now let me get one thing straight this isn’t in the like column beause I liked the segment, because I hated it. It was AWFUL. So so awful. Such a waste of time. The reason it’s in the like column? Because I never knew that when Chris and Kevin actually “broke up” it’d be so damn heartbreaking for me. Now I liked the team just as much as everyone else, but we all knew the breakup was coming and most of us I assume knew it was coming tonight after HHH asked to speak to Kevin alone backstage… but man when Chris opened Kevins gift, saw the list, but then realized his name was on it, and quickly after Kevin attacked him. This is in the pro column because Man, it’s been a while since a single team breakup really got the WWE Universe Emotional… probably since the Shield… It was just really greatly done.

3.       Cole Interviews Samoa Joe.

          Really great interview. Admitting hes dishonorable, He only cares about HHH opinion. He doesn’t need HHH like all the others did, such as Rollins, Orton and Batista. He’s here to wreck, slap and take what he wants and HHH is just the one who gave him the opportunity to do that. He says hes not Sami Zayn, who’s just happy to be here…



4.       Sami vs Rusev.

          I don’t quite understand what they’re doing with Rusev… the whole face mask, the handsome thing, the losing thing… but the match with Zayn wasn’t half had. Post interview with Charley, Sami addresses what Samoa said about him and says hes damn right, hes not Zayn. Joe attacks sami on the ramp and puts him in a sleeper. Good to set up a feud between the two since Roman is busy with Braun and Seth is still hurt.

5.       Braun vs Henry

          The match was okay, the reason I’m saying I liked it, was because of that drop kick that Braun pulled off. That was just so out of nowhere, and pretty cool to see a guy his size pull something like that off out of nowhere. 


6.       Noam Dar vs Gallagher 

          I love both of these guys. Gallagher with that handstand on the ropes is always awesome. I WISH I had that kind of core strength..ever. The headbutt between the eyes by Jack was crazy. Just a really good match.  



7.       Nevilles Promo with Charley backstage interrupted by Gallagher. 

          I LOVE THIS NEVILLE. This angry guy just works and Gallagher is so opposite from him that when they clash at Fastlane I think that match is going to be outstanding.

8.       Tozawa vs Daivari

          I have a serious love affair with Tozawa. The way he moves in the ring is INSANE! I always get excited when I know hes having a match.



What I didn’t like

1.       The opening. As usual. Stephanie again. Roman again and the Tag Team Champions… What the hell was this? It just didn’t make any sense.

2.       The Opening match. The two on one was stupid. The match was crap. The only good thing? The ADOREABLE older lady in the floor seats in the last Row chanting for Roman. That will be me when im her age… believe that.


3.       I feel so bad for the New Day, it’s like now that they aren’t champions anymore WWE has no clue what to do with them… which is ridiculous. The match with Bo and Kofi was a decent match for the short match that it was but other than that…. Eh.


4.       Emmalina-  What a disappointment that was for anyone who was really looking forward for it. I for one wanted Evil Emma back, not whatever this was suppose to be… I think it could have been saved if she had interfered in the Charlotte Bayley match maybe it would have saved it. I hope everyone still likes Emma enough that they wont crap all over her when she finally gets back in the ring.


5.       Enzo vs Cesaro: I just didn’t see the point of the match. Bam, Bam, Uppercut, Enzo loses. Blah. 






What I liked.

1.       Brays opening promo.

          He’s got the whole damn world in his hands he says while holding the WWE World Championship. How perfect. The Era of Wyatt is something so many of us have been waiting for and it’s really awesome to see it finally happening. Bryan making the originally scheduled Cena vs Wyatt rematch he turned it in to Cena vs Wyatt vs Styles for the main event and man we we’re in for a treat.


2.       Ascension vs Alpha

          The different styles between these two as well as the Ascension coming out of seemingly nowhere to be a treat made this match fantastic. While the Ascension lost, it still was an incredible showing for the Ascension and I hope this they keep the momentum. Usos with the warning on the titron was great. I really like the heel uso vs face Alpha. A match at mania between them? Could be INCREDIBLE.


3.       I HATE THE JAMES AND CARMELLA THING. Just wanted to remind you. I loved the whole Corbin dragging Dean out by his jacket thing. I’m all for this Corbin vs Dean feud… all.for.it.


4.       Bryan, Nikki and Nattie backstage.

          I love it. I love it so much. Because Nattie and Nikki are great friends off TV I believe that’s what is really driving this feud to be so great… and actually the addition of Bryan handling 90% of it is actually helping. I loved Bryan bringing out the Dad voice and screaming at the two of them and making the falls count anywhere match. I do wish they’d stop bringing up Johns name though…



5.       Renee interviewing Dolph

          I only liked it because at least Dolph gave a reason. He’s doing this whole thing because the younger generation will try and replace them and they can’t. it’s better than not understanding I guess.

6.       Becky vs Mickie

          OUTSTANDING. I honestly thought Mickie hurt her shoulder. She had me totally thrown for a loop. So good. The match itself was great. I’m so happy that Mickie came back to the company because it gives us matches like this that we never would have seen before and that’ll happen with many of Mickies feuds.


7.       Naomi Interview with Renee in the ring.

          My heart sank when Naomi said she had an injury and I ready to punch the TV if she was about to say she had to give up the title… my TV is thankful that didn’t happen. Maybe she just tweaked her knee, that’s what im praying for. She looks AMAZING with that title on her. Alexas backlash at her was so good, she really is one of the best female talkers on the mic. Naomi calling Alexa a flea had me hysterical, it was a really good segment. Let’s hope Naomi is ready to go asap though!


8.       Main Event. Cena vs Wyatt vs Styles.

          Harper attacking Wyatt was a nice twist. For this being Wyatts first title defense… man what a match. It could easily be in contention for match of the year… or at least top 10, even though it is only February. I think that they match could have been a hell of a wrestlemania main even match… oh what they match could have been. The back and forth between all three, the forearms, the AAs, the STFs, the calf crushers, sister abigails, leg drops of baracades to announce tables, seriously amazing. 


9.       Randy throwing us for a loop

          Randy is refusing to face Bray at mania because He’s Brays servant. We learned on talking smack that there will be a battle royal to get a new number one contender. I assume that Harper would win that match and somewhere down the line, Randy gets back into the match making it a triple threat with Harper Randy and Bray. At least that’s what I’d like to see. 


There was not a SINGLE thing on SmackdownLive that I didn’t like. Not one thing. How incredible is that? I don’t know how different the writing teams are, the producers, the people who okay everything… but man, Smackdown live is making it look like Monday Night Raw isn’t even necessary.

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