Elimination Chamber Predictions

Elimination Chamber Predictions!




1.       World Title Elimination Chamber

          While Baron is world champion material for the future, I think it’s still too soon.

          I can’t Imagine Cenas reign only lasting two weeks… BUT they already gave us Randy vs Cena on smackdown live so that sort of spoils it for wrestlemania…

          I’m not sure what will be next for Styles but he’s been champ for quite a while… so, I wouldn’t like to him win here.  

          Dean is already IC Champ and I hate the multiple champion thing especially heading into wrestlemania. I hope Baron and Dean start something heading into mania.

          While Miz being world champion would be interesting… but….

          I want Bray Wyatt to win with all my heart. I’d love to see Orton vs Bray main eventing Mania.

2.       Tag Team Turmoil Match


          American Alpha haven’t had the best reign so far… which isn’t there fault… the problem I have with this match is that Alpha shouldn’t lose already… but it’s kind of rough beating all the team in one match already. I don’t know. It’ll be a good match but I hope they just get this smackdown tag division figured out.  

3.       Smackdown live Womens Championship


          Naomi vs Alexa should be fantastic. I want Naomi to win more than anything. She’s been so deserving for so long. I love Alexa and I think if Naomi should win they should also have the rematch at Mania. OR if Naomi is to not win, she should have another shot at mania.  

4.       Luke vs Randy


          I’m really looking forward to this one. I love that harper gets a one on one match and I think him and Randy will do amazing! Since Harper was the one exiled Im hoping he comes out on top but with Randy heading to main event Mania and having Bray on his side… Orton will probably win.  

5.       Nikki vs Nattie


          I think this is going to be hard hitting match. They’ve done such an incredible job making so much animosity between them, so much hatred, jealousy and anger. I don’t know who it benefits more to get the win, so I’m not focused on that, I’m just looking forward to the match!

6.       Mickie vs Becky


          I do like the storyline between them. While Becky is one of the four horsewomen that had the least to do with the whole women’s revolution… not her fault of course… I can still see how Mickie would take it out on her because they’re both on smackdown. Becky fights to prove she made herself, mickie didn’t. And so on. Again I’m not sure it matters to me who wins this… they’ve never faced each other and they’re both so good. Its going to be an incredible match.  

7.       Dolph vs Kalisto and Apollo in a 2 on 1 handicap match.


          While I love all three of the competitors involved I just really don’t care about his match or who wins it.

8.       Mojo vs Hawkins.


          I’d like to see mojo win because I like him more than I like Hawkins. That’s literally the only reason.


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