Mariska Hargitay and 400 episodes of SVU! 

​400 episodes?! 

Holy crap.

I’ve been watching Olivia Benson and the team kick major ass on SVU for as long as I can remember. The days of Olivia and Elliot, Olivia and Finn, Munch and Cragen, before Olivia was sergent and back when she had super short hair! The storylines are always so compelling and for me personally the people they help, the people they help to survive… Really resonates with me.
When ellliot left I honestly didn’t know if they show could be the same because the Olivia and Elliot partnership was so amazing but I was so wrong, as great as they were, even better partnerships were to come. Rollins, Nick, Munch, Cragen, Carisi, Barba and every other person who has graced the SVU screen are incredible.

 The transformation from beginning detective to sergeant for Olivia has been such a joy to watch. I swear that while I believe Mariska has helped make me a stronger women so has Olivia Benson! Mariska has become one of my biggest inspirations.❤ Her foundation, the joyful heart foundation, is so incredible. Their no more compaign is something I’m incredibly passionate about. What the foundation does to help you to regain your life… To regain your JOY, is incredible. It spreads a message that so many were afraid to talk about, Sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse. I praise Mariska and all involved in the joyful heart foundation for helping to spread the message that enough is enough!

Sophia bush put together this amazing Instagram post that used the perfect words that I was thinking but have a hell of a time putting together 😂

I’m really excited for tonight’s 400th episode and all the episodes after! I’m so proud of Mariska and the entire cast and crew that have worked so hard for so long to make this show so incredible! Here’s to 400 more episodes! Maybe? That’d sure be amazing❤


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