Meatless Monday: New Breakfast find! 

If I’ve found anything to be slightly difficult about my diet… It’s breakfast. Especially if I have work early. I usually just make my protein shake or grab a breakfast bar, I could be productive and make overnight oats or something I just haven’t had the ambition yet 😜  but I recently found these delicious breakfast burritos! 

Again I found these in stop n shop! I’m finding so many yummy vegan things in there that I’ve either never noticed OR they just started having, either way SUPER exciting! 

These burritos have potatos, tofu, peppers, spinach and ginger to name a few ingredients and have great numbers of protein and fiber. 

They can be done in the oven BUT if I’m in a rush, which I normally am, one minute on each side in the microwave and BAM! absolutely perfect. 


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