2017 Royal Rumble Review!

I really thought this year’s Royal Rumble was fantastic, from start to finish, I see from social media I’m not joined by many in this opinion and hey that’s okay.

Here’s my review on this years Rumble, match by match.


  1. Nikki, Naomi, Becky, vs Nattie, Mickie and Alexa


  • To have these girls kick off the ENTIRE PPV… I was a little nervous. BUT I had no reason to be, although the entire WWE Universe might not have all been filed in yet, they still were into the match and the girls gave their all. That six way german suplex was amazing. Noami’s sequence in the match was definitely my favorite and her split legged moonsault off the top rope onto Alexa for the win? Damnnnnnn! Fantastic.


  1. Cesaro and Sheamus vs Karl and Luke- Raw Tag Team Championship


  • So sad to see Cesaro and Sheamus lose the titles already BUT Karl and Luke needed this win. It was a really good match and we’ll get to see if Sheamus and Cesaro can still co-exist, espically what happened with the two during the Rumble match.
  1. Nia vs Sasha.


  • I was really worried that Sasha was going to come out on top here and I, personally was glad that she didn’t. While she definitely got in some good offence, Nia was still able to put her in her place and come out with the win. That submission Nia did with Sashas knee behind her head? I have no idea what that’s called but that was fantastic! I know many people were pissed that Sasha lost… well she can’t win everything people.

Onto the actual Royal Rumble card.

  1. Charlotte vs Bayley- Raw Womens Championship


  • I know a lot of people get all weird depending on who starts the show but for me that is almost as important as who closes the show. Whoever opens the show really sets the ton for the rest of the evening and Charlotte and Bayley sure set the bar high. From Bayleys constant fight, to Charlottes obvious frustration, from Bayleys cross bodies and top rope elbow drops to Charlottes moon sault and figure fours, the match was all around incredible. It told a true story. Bayley never giving up the fight to prove herself and Charlotte doing everything to stay on her throne. Charlottes natural selection on the apron to win was different and really sent a powerful message. Both women should be insanely proud of their performances last night.


  1. Kevin vs Roman- Universal Championship; NO DQ


  • Nice touch having to fight Jericho to get him into the cage… wouldn’t make sense if he just willingly went in there. From the fight around the crowd, to the massive amounts of chairs and use of tables, this DQ match, for me, exceeded my expectations. Owens and Reigns always have good matches, but I was just not as excited as I should have been. Boy, did they change that opinion FAST. The Samoan Drop on the chair, the frog slap onto the table, the brass knuckles, the out of nowhere stunner by owens, and the superman punch from the top rope to Owens making him land on his own made town of chairs. I was on the edge of my seat the ENTIRE match. It was SO GOOD.
  • And then those shenanigans I was worried about happened. Except not from who I imagined. I never even thought Braun would be the guy to interfere. Not once. While I’m one who can look past that and just focus on the AMAZING match the two men had, it still stings a little that Owens could have that good of a match but still need Braun to help seal the deal. Either way I remember the match not the interference. 10/10 hands down.
  1. Swann vs Neville- Cruiserweight Championship


  • This match seemed to start off a little slow and had me a little worried at first… until it picked up and met all my high expectations! Swanns hurricanrana and phoenix splash had me glued to the TV. Nevilles viciousness and insane submission had me on the edge of my seat. Swann proved that he is an incredible champion and will absolutely be champion again and Neville proved this new-found attitude is exactly what he needed to have to get back on top. He last held gold in 2014 when he was the NXT Champion and I couldn’t be happier to see him with gold again.

  1. John Cena vs AJ Styles


  • If I wrote about all the amazing things I have to say about this match I’d be here for at least the rest of the day. That match will absolutely be the greatest match I think I’ve EVER seen. It was everything a championship match should be. No gimmicks, no nonsense, just wrestling. Fighting for the championship., Fighting to be on top. I truly believe that Styles and Cena bring out the best in each other and we all benefit from it. The aggression from both men, the insane reversals and counters, the near falls, the different moves and different pace, it was incredible. I cannot remember the last time I was not just on the edge of my couch during a match, but off my couch. It was truly match of the year, no one could ever come close.
  • John Cena has been my number one since I started watching about six years ago. For reasons, I won’t get into he’s always had a place in my heart, as he does for many other people. Because of that I am absolutely one of those people who believes that John truly truly deserves this. He fought like hell to get that championship, AJ absolutely made him fight for it. He’s had to prove time and time again that he still belongs here, and he does. Everything he’s given to the WWE and the fans… he deserves this. My heart was SO happy when he won I even teared a little bit. To have someone that means so much to you, reach a milestone like that, you can’t help but he so proud of them, and be so proud to be their fan.


  1. The Royal Rumble Match!


  • Braun led in Eliminations at 7, followed by Taker at 4. Brock, Goldberg and Roman tied at 3 each.
  • Big Moments- Sheamus tries to eliminated Cesaro. Goldberg Eliminates Brock rather quickly much to my personal liking. Baron Corbin is the one to eliminate Braun. Taker eliminates Goldberg. Roman enters at number 30, goes toe to toe with the Undertaker ultimately Eliminating him in the shock of the century. Jericho lasted the longest in the match but only because he hid outside the ring at least 85% of the match, only eliminating Cesaro and Sheamus in a moment of opportunity before finally being Eliminated by number 30 entrant Roman. It would come down to Roman and Randy Orton with Orton coming out on top to win the 2017 Royal rumble.
  • Other key moments- Ty Dillinger debuts at number 10! I had my fingers crossed so hard for this to happen and I’m so happy for him!


  • I know that a lot of people we’re mad to see Randy win. And while I also had my heart set on Bray winning, so I do just about every year for the last three years, I’m okay that Randy won. Here’s why…. He has been in the title picture in a long time. I always love to see Randy and Cena mix it up, especially with the different attitudes the both of them currently have, even if Randy was to face Styles, that’s a series I’d love to see as well. I hope that because Randy won that adds even more to the Wyatt family dynamic, and still manages to put Bray in the spotlight somehow. We’ll have to wait and see.
  • All in all, I really loved this years rumble. The wrestling through the entire thing was fantastic. The storytelling was top notch and I was engaged in every match! It was exciting! Here to hoping the rest of the road to WrestleMania is equally as exciting!



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