Royal Rumble Predictions!

It’s Royal Rumble Day!


The Royal Rumble has been one of my favorite PPVs for such a long time. Unfortunately that excitement has diminished the last few years, this year feels a little more exciting so I sure hope it is. We have some really great matches and a huge rumble match so here’s my thoughts and prediction for what could go down tonight!!


  1. WWE World Championship: John Cena vs AJ Styles



  • Man, there is SO much more at stake here than just the World title. Cena has the chance to finally tie Ric Flair record, Styles has the chance to beat Cena not just three times in a row, but four. He has the chance to be the guy who AGAIN stopped the famous John Cena from becoming the 16 time world champion. Styles has been able to do it three times before, but this time, he’s facing a John Cena with a whole new attitude.
  • What I want to happen? John Cena will forever and always be the number one guy to me. He has been since day one and that wont change. That doesn’t mean that I root for him in every single match… but in this one, I definitely will be. I’m one of those wrestling fans that wouldn’t mind seeing Cena tie Flairs record, and I wouldn’t mind seeing him beat it either. But mainly? I want John Cena to win to prove that he can. To prove he is still the leader, that he’s still the guy everyone in the locker room should strive to be. Everyone should want to be at his level. I think it also shakes up the smackdown title picture. Styles has been a great champion, an incredible champion, but I think it’s time for a change. I’m not saying to kick Styles out of the title picture, no way, just have him on the other side. Chasing the title again, from none other than John Cena.
  • What I think will happen? I’ve had this theory since they announced the Elimination Chamber PPV. Cena will win tonight, he’ll lose at the Elimination Chamber and then at WrestleMania he’ll win It back and pass Ric Flairs record on the grandest stage of them all. That would tick off SO many people…. But to anyone who has stood by Cena, or even just simply respects him, he is more than deserving of a moment like that.
  • Either way, Styles and Cena have put on incredible matches for us in every other showing they’ve had together and tonight should be no different, it might even prove to be their best match yet.
  1. Universal Championship: Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens

download (4).jpeg

  • I’m not as excited for this match as I am for Styles vs Cena. It’s no fault to Owens or Reigns because they have incredible matches together…. I’m looking forward to them wrestling. I’m not looking forward to the hot mess that will be the end of the match. Or the stupid shenanigans that will happen during the match, especially considering it is a NO DQ.
  • I JUST HAD A THOUGHT AS IM WRITING THIS: HHH Helped Owens win once, why wouldn’t he do it again, with Jericho above the ring, Owens is on his own. If HHH came to ensure Owens retained, what’s stopping Rollins from not only coming to the aid of his friend Reigns but also getting the chance to finally throw down with HHH? Would this take away from the actual championship match? Yes. But would it be awesome to see? Yes.
  • What I want to happen– I want Owens to come out on top. I want this because no one expects him too. Not because of himself, but because of the way WWE is on Reigns. I’m just as high on Reigns as WWE is except, Owens should be the guy to defeat all the odds and beat Reigns and head into wrestlemania as the WWE Universal Championship
  • What I think is going to happen: I think Reigns wins. I really wish WWE had booked him differently and this wouldn’t be in such a mess. He is so good and he could definitely be at Cena level one day, they just did it too much, too fast and that never ever works. I just hope he doesn’t get completely booed out of the building. I wouldn’t want Reigns to have another Road to wrestlemania like that again.
  1. Raw Womens Championship: Charlotte vs Bayley.


  • This is one thing where I have a much different opinion than about 80% of the wwe universe. I love charlotte. She’s been my girl since NXT and that hasn’t changed. I’ll admit the constant pushing of the two horsewomen got on my nerves but it was never any fault to Charlotte or Sasha, again it’s management I had the problem with not the stars. Bayley is a huge fan favorite much like Sasha was but I’ve never been HUGE on either one. Do I like them? Of course. Do I love watching them wrestling? Absolutely. Are they two of the best? Hands down. Do they deserve all the praise in the world? Sure. But for me personally I’ll always pick Charlotte over them. That’s just me.
  • What I want to happen? I want Charlotte to win. I WISH Raws womens division had more substance… but it doesn’t. and would Bayley make a great champion? Oh no question about it. I just don’t really feel it.
  • What I think will happen: I’m honestly not sure. WWE is really big on keeping Charlotte the queen and more importantly the PPV queen. BUT they’re also really big on how much of a fan favorite bayley is. It could go either way.
  • Now just because I’m rooting for charlotte doesn’t mean I’m going to go on social media and be pissed if bayley wins. I’ll be really happy for Bayley, She’ll definitely be deserving of it no question. AND yes it would shake things up, which Raw needs badly. But in the end Charlottes my girl to win.
  1. Cruiserweight Championship: Rich Swann vs Neville

images (1).jpeg

  • I’m probably most excited for this match out of just about all of them, if im being honest. The feud between these two has been incredible. The heel turn of Neville was so unexpected but so beautiful and everything Swann brings to the table has been amazing.
  • What I want to happen: Swann is one of my favorite cruiserweights BUT with that said I think Neville coming out on top here would be an incredible thing to see. After he held the NXT Championship he never touched gold again… nothing on the main roster. I think this cruiserweight division is EXACTLY what Neville needed to show how good he really is, to remind everyone, and this bad side of him certainly aids in that.
  • What I think will happen: I think Neville wins as well. Since the cruiserweight divison came along, Perkins, Kendrick and Swann have all been champions so we know WWE isn’t afraid to shake things up.
  • I think if Neville was to win tonight, more back and forth from Swann and Neville would be welcomed… at least for me. After Kendrick and Perkins lost they kind of went back into the shadows and sometimes it’s a good thing, but with these two I think a longer feud would be okay.
  1. Nia Jax vs Sasha Banks.


  • This feud has been kind of in the shadows compared to the showcasing of Charlotte and Bayley but it still is something I’m looking forward too. It’s a battle of Dominance. Sashas stance that Nia might be bigger but she’s not powerful and Nias stance that Sasha might call herself the boss but it’s just words.
  • What I want to happen: I want Nia to come out on top. I think building Nia to be this huge powerful force is a great idea, and Sasha beating her right now, would really hurt that.
  • What I think will happen: I’m honestly unsure. It could go either way.
  • Either way they’re on the pre-show but they both have the ability to put on an incredibly memorable match if they’re given the time to do so.
  1. Nikki, Naomi and Becky vs Alexa, Mickie and Nattie


  • Obviously I’m a little bitter that Nattie and Nikki didn’t get the one of one PPV match that I want BUT Elimination Chamber is just around the corner and man that would be great too. SO fingers crossed people!
  • What I want to happen: What I think will happen: this is a match were I honestly don’t care who the winner is. This match is a match where I want these SD girls to continue to prove that they are better than the Raw girls. I’m a smackdown girl 110% and I love everything about this womens division over here and all six of these girls are insanely talented with feuds all among each other and I think it’s going to be a really great match if they’re allowed.
  1. Raw Tag Team Championship: Cesaro and Sheamus vs Luke and Karl.

download (2).jpeg

  • I said it in my Raw and SD review this week that not having Luke and Karl win here could hurt them even more than WWE already has.
  • What I want to happen: That said I’m more rooting for Cesaro and Sheamus to retain tonight
  • What I think will happen: again, I honestly have no idea.


  1. The actual Royal Rumble Match!

download (3).jpeg

  • Oh man this match is stacked. Here’s the list of participants that have been announced so far.
  • – Brock, Goldberg, Undertaker, Baron Corbin, Braun Stroman, Sami Zayn, Xavier woods, Big E, Kofi, Cesaro, Sheamus, Dean, Miz, Bray, Randy, Dolph, Luke Harper, Big Cass, Rusev, Big Show and Mojo, and Chris Jericho.
  • There are Eight spots open. Theres’ the possibilities of NXT guys, 205 live guys, older guys, and only eight spots to fill. Should be interesting who fills those eight spots. And who’s to say someone who lost their match earlier in the night, won’t end up in the match as well.
  • Here a few of my thoughts as to who could fill those spots.
  1. Tyler Bates: He’s in town for NXT Tapings I guess. He’s the UK champ, why not?
  2. TJ Perkins: He was the first cruiserweight champion, go ahead, throw him in.
  3. Samoa Joe. I’m so about him coming to the main roster and throwing him in the rumble to add to the rest of the huge men in this match, It’s a great idea.
  4. I also would love to see Ty Dillinger come up as well. I thought he’d be apart of the draft, which I was wrong about. Maybe he could finally show up tonight?
  5. Austin Aries? He’s currently commentating and I don’t know if he’s eye is fully healed yet… but if it was? He’s hinted at joining the cruiserweight division, so throw him in!
  6. As far as older guys go…? Everyone thinks maybe Kurt Angle because his schedule is cleared and he’s going into the hall of fame. The place would certainly erupt that’s for sure.
  • These are just ideas… im honestly clueless because they always bring in the randomest of people to compete in this.
  • NOW as far as winners go: Who I want to win: Undertaker or Bray Wyatt.
  • Who I think will win: Undertaker or Chris Jericho or Strowman.
  • Whoever wins, I hope it’s unexpected and it’s to someone who seriously deserves it, not just someone that WWE is high on all the damn time.


Okay so there it is, let me know whatever your thoughts and ideas are for tonight! I’d love to hear them! 🙂

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