NXT Takeover: San Antonio: Thoughts and Predictions.

NXT Takeover SAN Antonio


Ah another NXT Takeover! Every time there’s a takeover I fall more in love with wrestling than I was before it. Tonight, should be no different.

So, here’s my opinion and predictions on the matches!


  1. NXT Women’s Championship: Asuka vs Peyton vs Billie vs Nikki Cross.


  • I’m incredibly excited for this one. Four insanely talented women in this match, all with a great background behind them.
  • What I want to happen: I want Billie Kay to come out on top. I’ve been a HUGE fan of hers since she came to NXT and her character right now? Absolutely perfect, right down to the badass gear. She’s so talented, good on the Mic and has developed a presence.
  • What I think is going to happen: Nikki Cross ends up with the win. I think this because she’s part of sanity. She’s incredible and bringing gold into the stable with help make the stable more powerful.
  • I think either way, Asuka must lose. It took a while to build the division back up after the loss of the four horsewomen, Carmella and Alexa, but they have a great group of girls who can do the job. If Asuka retains the title, as great as she is, I think it hurts the whole division.
  1. NXT Championship Match: Shinsuke Nakamura vs Bobby Roode.


  • This match should blow the roof off the place. Nakamura and Roode are two of the most talented guys in NXT and in wrestling as far as I’m concerned.
  • What I want to happen: I love Nakamura but I think Roode as the champion would be a good shake up. His whole character is very different than any other wrestlers character that’s held the NXT Title and I think he’ll bring something totally new to it.
  • What I think will happen: I’m really torn. I don’t know for sure who will come out on top. Anytime I’ve thought that I knew who was winning an NXT Championship match I’m always wrong. Either way it’ll be quite the treat for everyone watching.
  1. NXT Tag Team Championship: DIY vs Authors of pain.


  • What I want to happen: I want DIY to retain. They haven’t been champions that long, they’re fan favorites and they are so damn talented. I’m still really on the fence with the Authors of pain, I’ve seen them wrestling and it’s not bad. They certainly have a presence that’s for sure and with Paul next to them it absolutely helps, but I still don’t think they should have gold just yet.
  • What I think will happen: again, I honestly don’t know. DIY is big with the fans, which brings in money but the Authors of pain also won the Dusty Rhodes classic, which I’m not sure anyone saw coming, so someone must be big on them, so anything is possible.
  1. Ty Dillinger vs Eric Young:


  • What I want to happen: I’ve been such a huge Dillinger fan for a while. I think he’s terribly underrated and since the makeover and becoming the perfect 10 I think he’s even better. I think a win over a guy like Eric Young would do WONDERS for him. I want Ty to come out on top.
  • What I think will happen: Well Dillinger basically loses every match, especially big ones, that he’s in… which is unfortunate, also Young is a part of Sanity which they’re big on and a loss to Dillinger would hurt the identity of the faction, so I predict Young comes out on top.
  1. Rodrick Strong vs Andrade Cien Almas


  • I will be honest I’ve heard such amazing things about Strong I just haven’t taken the time to actually watch it. I’m really looking forward to getting a chance to do that tonight. Almas I’ve seen and he’s good. I think they’ve hurt his character a bit, but it can still be revived.
  • What I want to happen: I’m honestly not invested in either of them enough to have a strong enough opinion.
  • What I think will happen: Going off what I’ve seen them do with Almas so far, Rodrick wins.

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