Raw and Smackdown Live 1/23 and 1/24

man, oh man oh man.

Fair warning I don’t think it’s possible for me to be all that positive about Monday Night Raw this week, but I tried.

  1. There was only match on Monday night that had my full attention focused on the TV, and that was Seth vs Sami.
  • The stipulation was stupid. Everyone else just declares themselves into the match but Sami Zayn of all people must “Prove himself” and on top of that now Rollins can’t be in the Rumble, even after he missed it last year with his injury? And for what? To rev up this HHH feud early? I don’t see the need for it.
  •  Now the match itself, was incredible. Very well could be up for match of the year, even if it is only January. From the beautiful top rope DDT by Zayn to the pedigree on the apron from Rollins, amazing match.
  1. Nia vs Raelynn
  •  Now this match was a squash so I didn’t care for it. I like that Sasha and Nia get a match at the Rumble, even if it is on the preshow, although if Nia loses that match, I won’t be good for her and her character so hopefully they do the right thing and give Nia the win.
  1. Cruiserweight Action
  •              Ali, TJ and Gallagher vs Gulak, Nese and Davari.

– The match was good. And Ali reverse 450 splash might just be one of my favorite moves ever and he executed it so beautifully too! It’s nice to see the cruiserweights still on Raw, even though they have 205 live simply because I’d hate to see what they’d have to fill the time with if they didn’t have them.

  •             Noam Dar w/ Alicia Fox vs Rich Swann

-Good match. Two of my favorite cruiserweights. But the best part was after the match when Swann called out Neville and Neville answered, leading to a short brawl between the two. They’re match on Sunday at the rumble is one that I’m really look forward too.

-The backstage segment between Noam, Alicia and Cedric was okay I guess. Good to know that Cedric has no problem with Noam because of Alicia, he has a problem with him because he attacked him. This fighting over a girl business isn’t necessary, even if Alicias freak outs are very entertaining.


And now for the long unfortunate list of things that I didn’t like

  1. The opening.
  • Now I like Roman, a lot, what I hate? The way they book him. He’s literally feuding for two championships at the same time. I HATE THAT. It takes away an opportunity for someone else. I HATE the way that Kevin Owens has been booked as a champion. His NXT Championship reign was 300 times better than this. Owens is way to good for the way he’s been booked. He could have been booked like a badass monster, and while that peaked through time to time, it didn’t happen even close to enough. The whole shark cage thing is stupid. So Stupid.
  1. Cesaro vs Gallows
  • Now I wouldn’t say I didn’t like the Cesaro vs Gallows match, I just didn’t care for it all that much. I also think that Luke and Karl should have been champions a long time ago and since they couldn’t get it done, they just don’t seem as powerful as they absolutely should be seen as. I don’t want Cesaro and Sheamus to lose on Sunday, but if Gallows and Anderson can’t get it done, I think it really puts them in a tough spot as ever being actual contenders in the future.
  1. The womens sit downs with Corey.
  • Normally I don’t mind these. I would rather they were saved for wwe.com or something but sometimes they’re a good edition to a feud. Considering Bayley vs Charlotte has just been a whole lot of talk, I don’t think these sit downs were necessary. It’s the same thing over and over and over again. Queen vs peasant, Royalty vs a fan, Superiority vs Mediocrity. It’s no fault to Charlotte or Bayley, but we get it, we so get it. Hopefully the match will overshadow the terrible build up.


  1. New Day and Enzo/Cass vs Rusev, Jinder, Titus and Braun.
  • I have said week after week how much I hated the Titus/ New Day segments, they’re a waste. And I’ve said week after week how Rusev, Enzo and Cass all deserved more than that Enzo trying to sleep with Lana crap. You can image my reaction when they decided to PUT IT ALL TOGETHER. I screamed at my TV. It’s not that serious, but I was that ticked off. And Rusev making fun of the fact that Big Cass has BIG in the name… I mean really…?

-And this was all you had for Braun to do this week… this? I did like seeing Big Show again. He looks freaking amazing.


  1. The U.S Title rematch. Reigns vs Jericho.
  • Owens on commentary was good. It’s always good. Owens is always good. The match itself was fine. It wasn’t anything special. It wasn’t what a championship match should be. It was a match between Reigns and Jericho that it could have been. We all knew that Owens was going to end up in that cage at the beginning of the show, it’s the only reason the match happened. It was just severely disappointing.


     6. The ending

  • Now I like Goldberg, I hate Lesnar, I love Undertaker. The Undertaker surprise was nice, I’ll always love it And I know that this is billed as this big deal. The most stacked Rumble. I just hate thinking that one of them is going to win this instead of the actual full time talent, seriously bugs me.



And now to SD Live. Which is much more fun to write!

What I liked.

  1. Randy vs Luke.


  • Such a good match. The back and forth between the two had a lot of great chemisty. Orton getting the pin after countering a discus clothesline into an RKO was freaking amazing! I’d love to see more matches with these two. They’re just two big guys, with big egos, fighting for a place, it was really good. I honestly didn’t know who was going to come out on top either which was a nice change of pace. The sister Abigail to Harper at the end by Bray also adds a really interesting dynamic to the whole thing. I’m really interested to see what goes down between the three during the Rumble and so on.


  1. Renee interviews Mickie James in the ring


  • We all wondered why the heck James would came back and help Bliss. And we quickly got our answer, and it was a damn good one. Mickie James’s resume is outstanding. She’s one of the biggest decorated womens wrestlers out there and her WWE Career is full of so many incredible accomplishments. For her to come back and be pissed because during the revolution Herself and all her accomplishments were overlooked was perfect. Becky being one of the four horsewomen it makes so much sense that she would take it out on her and align herself with Alexa Bliss, a woman from NXT, but was also left out, as Charlotte, Sasha, Bayley and Becky were the only ones showcased as the revolution. I got goosebumps when Becky came out to confront her and the two brawled, the Twisted Bliss from Alexa Bliss is always a sight to see and I’m really excited for this Becky and Mickie feud. There matches will be out of this world, and having Mickie on her side, Alexas star power will rise even higher.


  1. Naomi vs Nattie.


  • First let me announce how happy I am that Naomi is healthy again and back in the ring! She’s been my girl since she first came in as part of NXT back in the day and she still is now. That match didn’t happen, instead Nikki and Nattie got at it backstage again which I love and even better? Naomi calls out any women in the locker room for a match and the Womens champion answers. Naomi doesn’t get the match but she gets words from Bliss and she gives them back. I’m really excited it looks like Naomi is Alexa’s next opponent and that she’s getting a shot the title. She’s been long overdue for holding some gold!
  • Now we get a six women tag match at the Rumble. I was REALLY hoping that Nattie and Nikki would get a singles match, a street fight to be exact, but I’ll take Nattie, Mickie and Alexa vs Nikki, Becky and Naomi.


  1. AJ calling out Cena.


  • First of all Cenas’ new shirt? So ugly.
  • Anyways. I loved that Styles brought up the fact that on the rumble poster he’s so far in the back he just blends in but John is front and Center. I think Styles and Owens should have been at the front… they are the champions after all. OH and no SD women on the poster? Are you serious….? The back and forth with Styles and Cena is always good. They work incredibly well with each other and Cena’s new found passion really helps. I’m excited to see which way they actually end up going for this match on Sunday.


  1. Dean vs Miz for the IC title


  • The lumberjack stipulation was different. We haven’t seen that in a while, it still didn’t stop Maryse from getting involved but it was a nice try. The match was great, Dean and Miz have great chemisty in the ring. Ambrose came out on top and I swear if he has another stupid match at WM I will be beyond ticked off. I hope he remains the champion going into Mania, and starts up a feud with someone where they can have a top-notch Mania match. I do wonder what is next for Miz. I think putting him in the world title picture is a great idea. I love that the elimination chamber PPV is a great way to do that.


Now for the things I either simply didn’t like and the things that just weren’t good enough to be in the like column.


  1. Ellsworth and Carmellas shopping trip… uh yeah no. It was such a waste of TV time. Put it on wwe.com or something… or better yet, give Carmella something worthwhile to do how about that?…


  1. The qualifying battle royal was well different but it was basically all of the tag teams plus Curt and Mojo. I guess it’s nice Mojo won, it just wasn’t anything outstanding.


  1. Dolph vs Kaliso was a good match. That kick by Dolph to Kalisto for the win was nasty and beautiful all at the same time. I like the Apollo coming to fight Dolph for the sake of doing the right thing. I like that Apollo is finally back on TV. Otherwise… EH.


And that’s all I got. I’ll have a NXT San Antonio prediction post up by Saturday Morning and the Royal Rumble prediction post up by Sunday morning!  I’m working on thinking up other wrestling related posts I can do, so if you have any suggestion let me know!

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