Womens March

Today thousands and thousands of Women AND MEN marched the streets of Washington D.C, LA, Chicago and more, in solidarity of women all over. As I searched through social media today I could not help but be overcome with so much pride and inspiration!!

I’ve seen reports of women, not only in the US marching, but women in Paris, London, Berlin, CapeTown and Sydney and the numbers, the total number of people at these marches are seriously incredible. 750,000, 500,000, mind blowing.  One of my favorite quotes ever is “You never know how strong a woman is, until she’s put in hot water” I think as so many woman came together today, that rings so very true.

Women from all over the country, of every color and every religion came together in solidarity to remind the world that women rights are human rights. There is no difference between the two.

I’ve had the displeasure of seeing so many people say.. “Get over it” “ he’s the president, deal with it” “You’re whining” those people, are the people who have no idea what it’s like to have to look at a man, to hear the man, who reminds you daily of the worst day your life. A man who reminds you that we’re not as equal to everyone as we have fought so long to be. A man who thinks that he can do whatever he wants, because he has money, and power. I could go on and on. Our anger and protest is more than just the fact that he’s president. It’s goes so much farther than that. It’s about SO much more than that.

I stand beside every woman who has been violated, every woman who has been abused, every women who has been told they’re not good enough. Every women who has been told they deserved it. You didn’t, you ARE good enough, you are WORTH IT and we will all keep fighting side by side because we are stronger than all of this.

I made some screen shots of a few  pictures from all over social media about the women’s march, and  some of my favorite women empowerment quotes, in case you’re like me, especially after yesterday, need a quick reminder.

This might be my new favorite quote ever.
I saw a few pictures like this one, it really hits the heart.


Supergirl Actress, Melissa Benoist, with an incredible sign!


Actor Brian Tee was one of the many many men who marched along side the many many woman today.
Actress Candice Accola marched today alongside her family, and pictured here, her new baby girl. She marched for her as many other women marched for their daughters all over the country.



words to live by.


& here’s  Rachel Plattens ” Fight Song” because this song always makes me feel better!


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