Raw and SDLive 1/16 & 1/17

Raw and Smackdown 1/16 and 1/17


Monday Night Raw.


What I liked. 

  1. The Main Event. Roman/Seth/Sami vs Brawn/Chris and Kevin
  • The match was great but my favorite part was once the match was over. The spill out onto the stage and most importantly, Owens standing tall over EVERYONE after giving Reigns that insane power bomb through the announce table. I think that Owens should have been built up as more of a powerful champion, and it was nice to see it for once that night.
  1. Rich Swann vs Tony Nese.
  • I was excited for this match, and then it didn’t happen. Which normally I’d be pissed about, except the brawl between Swann and Neville was fantastic. My favorite part is how Swann gets right back up and fights back no matter how many times Neville beats him down first.
  • Cedric vs Kendrick

3. Cedric vs Kendrick

  • I LOVE Cedrics lumbar check finisher! The match was good to.

4. Backstage.

  • I like Nia’s backstage promo. “The boss? Are people still calling her that?” It made me laugh. Sami, Reigns and Rollins backstage gave me a good laugh too.


What I didn’t like.

  1. The beginning was okay, but Brock standing tall over everyone bothers me. It’s no secret that I actually cannot stand Brock Lesnar. I have never ever liked him. I get he’s suppose to be some big bad fighter, but I just can’t stand him coming in all the time and demolishing everyone, who works WAY harder than him. It bothers me. Unpopular opinion I’m sure.
  2. ANOTHER Enzo/Cass Rusev/Jinder match. PLEASE MAKE IT STOP. I cannot be the only one who is sick of this right?!
  3. So now that every member of The New Day has beaten Titus we don’t have to entertain this anymore right?… right… I hope not.
  4. Without going into a long 30 paragraph essay, let me just say that the waste of time the Charlotte and Bayley segment was… really pisses me off. Two incredibly talented women and all you can do is give them a segment with old photographs and bad poetry? Seriously.


      The backstage interviews and video packages for Kurt and Superfly were great. They always are. Davari vs Dorado was good. But I’ll be honest I paid more attention to Gallagher on commentary than I did the match itself. Cesaro/Sheamus vs Karl/Gallows was a good match. The whole almost champion, but not because of a crazy DQ, ugh. Just ugh.

I promised myself that I’d be positive. I’d find at least three or four things about Raw and SD each time I write these. Man, this week, in terms of Raw, was rough.




What I liked.

         1 . Opening

  • “I was beating up John Cena before beating up John Cena was cool” I really loved this from the Miz. Fabulous mic work from, as usual. Also the beginning announcement about the Elimination Chamber, very exciting, it’s always been one of my favorite PPVs.

2. Nikki vs Nattie

  • This business is really heating up and it’s so much fun to watch! The brawl out in the merchandise area was fantastic, when was the last time we saw that? It’s so personal which helps so much. I truly hope the two get a Rumble match, preferably with a stipulation like a last woman standing, or a street right, or falls count anywhere, any of those would make sense considering their constant brawling. They’re really don’t great in this feud.

3.  Dean vs Randy 

  • It was a match we hadn’t seen in a few years, and they’re both in different places than they were then. The best part of it though is the constant almost combustion of the Wyatts. There’s just so many egos, and strength between Randy, Harper and Bray, it’s a totally different Wyatt family than we’re used to, and its working.

4. Becky vs Alexa.

  • The only negative about this is the millions of commercials, and I wish they had more time. Otherwise, I thought the match was great, It was even more exciting because they were put in this match not to make history, but to simply keep outside interference out, which didn’t work, that’s beside the point. Proud of both of those ladies. And Mickie James being on Smackdown?! That’s so exciting. I hope they explain how Mickie ended up helping Bliss… I’m excited for all the match up possibilities as well!


The only thing I didn’t like.

1 . The kings court.

  • Now I liked the Dolph dynamic, I didn’t mind Lawler bringing the Kings court back, it’s just the whole heart attack thing bothers me. I know many will say that it’s just the story, and Lawler must be okay with it and that’s great and all, but for me, personally, it doesn’t sit right. I don’t want to watch that. I don’t want to watch Dolph threaten to murder Jerry Lawler. I just don’t.

 Smackdown delivers week after week with very few, if any at all, unnecessary segments, and they always showcase their women. I really wish Raw would catch up.




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