Happy Birthday Betty White!

If I was ever asked to name one actress, one person in the public eye that I truly believe is the definition of an Icon, I’d be quick to say

Betty White.


I grew up watching her with my nana. Whether she was hosting game shows, or she was playing Rose Nylund in Golden Girls, I’d be in front of that TV watching.

And now at the age of 24, nothing has changed. Golden girls is still my favorite TV show. I watch it every single chance I get, and I still laugh. I’ve watched every single episode probably double, triple times over and I still laugh, and I’ll never apologize for it.


This incredible woman has been in show business for… wait for it… 78 YEARS… like what?!?!

From TV shows, to movies, to game shows, to late night TV, Betty has been a constant on our Television sets for almost 80 years! That is so mind boggling to me, and so incredible.

During her 78 years on TV she has plenty of awards to showcase her amazing talents, awards ranging from prime time Emmys, screen actor guild awards, a Grammy award for her book “If you ask me”, which shamefully I have yet to find and read! In 2015 she was awarded the People’s Choice Award for favorite TV Icon. In 2010 she was awarded the Screen actors guild life achievement award and in 2008 she won the TV Land pop culture award for golden girls. Plus, there are SO MANY MORE!


Betty White also has ties to many charities such as the American Heart Association, Farm Sanctuary, GLAAD, Paws/LA, and the special Olympics to only name a few.

Her biggest role outside of Television is her work with animals, specifically the Morris Animal Foundation. She has gone from a trustee, to canine division vice president to becoming President of the board of trustees. This foundation works to keep animals healthy, such as better post-surgical pain management for dogs, cats and horses as well as research to help prevent cancer in dogs. The foundation helped to increase legal protection for sea otters in California as well.  Betty also has a Betty White Wildlife fund which was set up to help animals in cases of natural disasters or diseases.

Betty has said that she’s not an animal rights activists…Which might come as a shock to many but let me explain. She said that she’s in to the health and welfare of animals and that once you mix in all the political stuff about it, people begin to focus on all the bad and they forget all the good that we’ve all accomplished. I personally never quite thought about it that way, but she has an excellent point!


(Thank you to google, and a few incredible Betty white interviews for all this extra amazing information!)

I hear that HULU is going to have every season of Golden Girls on soon! I don’t have Hulu but I think I might get it for exactly that reason. It’s a show that, I think, is for just about anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re their age or my age, the show is hysterical and it always brightens my day.  My family jokes that when Betty does leave us, ( which cannot be for a long time) I’ll be a mess. And their not wrong. I’ve grown up watching this lady, I absolutely love her, and i’ll be beyond crushed. And yes i’m in denial its even possible that, that day could ever come 😉

Her heart, her story, the way she enjoys life, there is no one that is a bigger inspiration to me that this lady. Happy Birthday Betty White!



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