My NXT year end award winners.

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I was seriously bummed when WWE decided against doing the Slammy awards for 2016. BUT then they decided to still do the NXT Year End Awards, so at least it’s something. I only like it because it gives serious recognition to the talent. Even if the actual results sometimes seem a little biased, it’s nice to scroll through social media and see who everyone thinks deserves the awards. They just announced the nominees today and the winners won’t be announced until the Pre Show of NXT Takeover San Antonio on the 28th of this month, but here are my early, personal winners and runner ups!

( All graphics are WWE’s, I wish I was talented like that!)


Breakout Star of the year.


  • Winner: Peyton and Billie. I have been a fan of both since they first came to NXT and these last few months they have really found their stride! They’re the new mean girls than can not only beat you with words but beat you with their fists. I love watching them.
  • Runner Up: This might be unpopular opinion. But No Way Jose. Now I know he hasn’t won any titles, or had any over the top matches BUT I really love how he has this way of having fun but getting down to business at the same time. He’s fun and powerful and it works.


Male Superstar of the year.


  • This one was really hard because I’m a big fan of all four men. But I finally chose, Nakamura. He just brings so much to the table. He’s like this out of this world character with so much wrestling ability behind him. He’s so much fun to watch in the ring, and not to mention that entrance is outstanding.
  • Runner up: Honestly? All three of them. Joe, Finn and Roode. Incredible talents. All of them have had an incredible year. Roode coming into NXT being the star he is. His attitude, his entrance, his attire, it’s fantastic. Samoa Joe is just an old fashion ass kicker that is incredible to watch. And Finn Balor is probably NXT greatest asset. His Demon personality and insane wrestling skills matched with the way he connects with the crowd, it’s amazing.


Female superstar of the year.

female of hte yera.png

  • Winner: Asuka. I chose Asuka for a couple reasons, one? She’s the longest reigning NXT womens champion now. Two? She won the title off Bayley, the ultimate fan favorite and did so with stride. And three? She’s one bad ass woman! She’s never been my favorite woman in NXT, but there is no denying her incredible wrestling ability and her intriguing character.
  • Runner up- Bayley. While I like Nia Jax, a lot, there has been no one who has been able to connect with the universe better than Bayley. She has become the ultimate fan favorite. She was an incredible NXT Womens champion, showing heart and determination her entire fight there. She hadto fight through Sasha and Charlotte AND Nia Jax to capture and retain that title. She shows resolve, and a never give up attitude that is perfect for anyone watching her, young or old.


Overall NXT Competitor of the year.


  • Winner- Samoa Joe. And why? His intensity. The way he can maneuver, when he’s not the size of the guys that normally maneuver the way he can. His star power. The kind of champion he was, the kind of person he turned into when he wanted his championship back. When Joe makes his way to the Main Roster, which I hope is in the very near future, he is going to bring a whole new kind of intensity. It’s going to be fun to watch.


Tag Team of the year.


  • Winner- Hands down. The Revival. It took me a little time to warm up to them, but there was no denying that these guys had it. I honestly don’t believe I’ve ever seen them have a bad match. Everything from their old-school style, to their attitudes. Fantastic.
  • Runner up- American Alpha. I almost picked DIY because man those guys are good. But then I decided on American Alpha and here’s why. I was a big fan of Jason Jordan before he was paired with Gable, he just had to find what really worked for him. What really worked for him was Chad Gable. The two just seemed to instantly click and they were primed to take over the NXT Tag Team Division. When they finally became NXT Tag Team Champions, it was such a sweet, sweet moment for anyone who saw Jordans struggle, and who fell in love with the pairing. The two are now Smackdown Tag Team Champions, and they have so much more to accomplish, both as a pair and separately.


NXT TAKEOVER of the year.


  • Winner- NXT Takeover Toronto. Every Takeover, by the end, leaves me more in love with wrestling than I was when it started. I probably look forward to Takeover events than any other main roster PPV if you want me to be completely honest. Takeover Toronto just had so many amazing things that stood out for me. Roode vs Dillinger was outstanding. DIY became tag team champions in one of my favorite matches ever. Mickie James returned to WWE to face Asuka and the two had a hell of a match and even though he lost it again 14 days later, Samoa Joe won his NXT Championship back when NO ONE believed he would (simply because they thought his main roster call up was in the extreme near future)
  • Runner up- NXT Takeover Dallas. It was a shame that WM had to follow this event because man, it was amazing. American Alpha finally won the Tag Team Championships, Asuka won the NXT Womens championship from Bayley in a fantastic match, with Bayley simply passing out from Asukas submission, she never gave up. Sami Zayn vs Nakamura had a classic match-up that blew me away.


Match of the year.


  • Winner- DIY vs Revival. This match, still to this day, gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. Tag Team wrestling has been on the rise in the last year or two but this one truly sky rocketed it. Both teams mesh SO well together and the four had incredible chemistry. It had fans engaged and on the edge of their seats the entire time. Truly one of the best matches ever.
  • Runner up- Sami vs Nakamura. This, for me, was a match where I knew both involved were incredibly talented I just had no idea just how well those talents could mesh together, until the match. It was another one that kept fans completely engaged the entire time and had fans on the edge of their seats. It was also a very fitting last match for Sami Zayn to have in NXT. Truly great.

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