Raw 1/9 and Smackdown 1/10

Raw & Smackdown Live 1/9 and 1/10

Monday Night Raw.


                Favorite parts of Raw.

  1. Jack Gallagher vs Drew Gulak.
  • I am a huge cruiserweight fan. I have been even before the CWC became a thing. I just really love the style of wrestling. Thanks to the CWC Jack Gallagher has become one of my absolute favorites and Gulak isn’t half bad either. I swear I could watch Gallagher all day. His style is just so classy… yeah classy is a good way to describe it. I would love to see him hold that Cruiserweight Title some day soon!
  1. Nia Jax.
  • I have been such a huge fan of Nia Jax since she came on the scene in NXT and she has improved SO much.  One of my favorite things right now is that even though they occasionally align Nia with Charlotte. Nia isn’t her lackey, and anytime Charlotte thinks she can just order Nia to do her bidding, Nia shuts her right down! I LOVE that. Just because you’re powerful doesn’t mean you need to use that power to back someone else up, just back YOURSELF up!

3. Undertaker is my favorite superstar of all time. Let me make that clear.

  • At first I was bummed that he was appearing on Raw because I liked him bringing the extra star power to Smackdown Live. Then he gave his reason for appearing. He’s the Undertaker and he does what he wants and goes where he wants. Enough said. And it makes sense. I am super excited to see him enter the Rumble. I’m excited to see him in a different setting than just the WrestleMania stage itself.
  1. Chris Jericho finally becomes US Champion.
  • A title that as escaped him during his entire championship filled career is finally his. And yeah, it stings a little that, that also means Reigns is no longer champion, but it seemed like they just gave it to him for no good reason, so I’m over it already. I think Jericho being champion not only adds to his resume, but adds to the power that Team Chris and Kevin hold, and the two are great together.
  1. Seth vs Braun
  • The match was good! Like I mentioned last week the more work I see out of Braun the more I’m starting to like him. And honestly Seth can make just about anything work. I think I have yet to see a match from Rollins that I didn’t, regardless of opponent. Only bad thing? Not a big fan of the double count out.


My least favorite parts?

  1. Kicking it off with Stephanie and Mick. I just don’t think it’s necessary to see them every 20 minutes and it’s not necessary to continue to kick off the show with them. And the performance review? Just a waste of time.
  2. I love Shawn Michaels. What I don’t love? Him coming in to just promote a movie. I hate when anyone does that. I hate that they threw him in with my least favorite feud ever with Enzo/Cass and Rusev. I just hated the whole thing honestly.



Neville as a heel is my new favorite thing. The match with Lince Dirado was great. Gallows vs Sheamus was good, the only thing I’d say I didn’t like was I thought the constant banter on commentary took too much away from the match. Jinder vs Cass… well we all know how I feel about this feud. New day and Titus segment again? No thank you. The match between Titus and Kofi? Not bad. Bayley and Sasha vs Charlotte and Nia. Good match, really great to see Nia get the pin even with charlotte in the match!

And Last thing… Emma better return soon before no one gives a crap anymore.





I’m going to do this backwards from Raw and start off with what I didn’t like about smackdown.

Spoiler: There’s only one things.

  1. The Carmella and Ellsworth thing. But I have a whole different reason this week compared to my reason for hating it last week. This week Carmella needed Ellsworths help to defeat a local talent. A woman who isn’t even on the roster. I don’t know that just make her seem weaker than she needs to look. I don’t know, I just don’t like it.


All the stuff I LOVED. 

  • I knew I was going to love Nikki vs Nattie before it even started. They are two of my favorite women on the planet and in the ring. And they haven’t disappointed. Usually I get mad when I’m expecting a match and then I don’t get it, but in this instant, I was okay with it. What a brawl these two had! Sometimes a Brawl really adds to the intensity of the feud and I think this one did that. Fingers crossed these ladies get a match at the Rumble, maybe even with a stipulation!
  • Dolph vs Kalisto. I really love this Dolph. Has there been a time when Dolph was a heel without a manager? I mean probably and my memory is just terrible but the two I was thinking of was his Run with Vickie and his Run with AJ. Heel Dolph really works. AND this Heel Dolph is a little different. I can’t really put my finger on what makes this one so different other than the fact that he’s solo but I just really like it.
  • The Tag Team Titles match was incredible. American Alpha vs Wyatts, I knew this was going to be good, and it even exceeded my expectations. My favorite part was that Bray didn’t take the pin. I love the controversy inside the Wyatt family because the family itself is so combustible. While it sucks that the Wyatts reign was so short, I have a love affair with the American Alphas since they started teaming together in NXT and its really exciting for them to be doing so great.
  • I have loved John Cena since the beginning of my wrestling watching career and this fired up, I still have something to prove John Cena is incredible. It’s refreshing, it’s exciting. The promo with Renee was great. The way he spoke right into the camera really added to it.
  • Dean kicking off Smackdown was a good dose of entertainment. From giving the “you tried” plague back to Miz, to Maryse accidentally slapping Miz, good dose of entertainment.
  • John Cena vs Baron Corbin was GREAT! Being such a big fan of both of them, and having them be such polar opposites from one another, this was fantastic for me. I really love Baron being in this main event picture. He’s come so far in his wrestling, his mic skills and his emotion. I wouldn’t mind seeing this match again that’s for sure.



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