Raw 1/2/17 Smackdown 1/3/17

The last few months, unfortunately Monday Night Raw has become something that I put on in the background while I do something else. Smackdown Live is the show I sit down and pay complete attention too, unless I’m on my phone tweeting about it of course. That’s not to say that I hate Raw, because I don’t. Hate is strong word. A LOT of my favorites are on Raw, and that’s why I keep watching. It’s not so much for the product, you know the storyline, because most of them either don’t make sense, or I just don’t like them, but I watched to support the girls and guys who are doing their best to make whatever they’re handed work.

                I’ve decided that in this blog, after every Monday and Tuesday night I’ll write up a little thing about both shows, showcasing my three or five favorite parts and of course a few parts that I didn’t like.  I’ll try to post it up on here on Saturdays, or earlier depending on how my work schedule looks!

                I’ll also be writing about my favorite network shows, PPV reviews and my top three or five favorite matches at the end of each month! I’ll be adding in columns about superstars as well, and beginning next week I’ll do a recognition post, almost like a “slammy award” post showcasing the best of 2016, such as most improved, favorite match, most underrated and so on.

                So heres the first Raw/SDLive review!

Which by the way is WAY longer than I intended. I don’t think they’ll all always be this long!

 I’ll be honest. Like I mentioned before Raw has become something that I put on in the background while I do something else. This past week was no different. So I honestly didn’t pay much attention, for this post I had to go back and watch some video footage, that’s how bad I was this week… opps.


Anyways, after reviewing my top moments from Raw were:

  1. Zayn vs Strowman in the last man standing match.
  • In the beginning I couldn’t stand Braun, and even a month ago I still wasn’t sold. The more and more of the feud between Zayn and him that I got, the more I started warming up. I think he’s getting better, in the ring, his presences, and even on the mic. I was nervous about this last man standing match because I thought it was going to be a simple, quick squash match… but it wasn’t. While Zayn still came out with the loss, he was still a winner in an even better way. Sami is the ultimate underdog, always has been, he’s fought guys bigger than him plenty of times, but there is something about Strowman and this feud that makes it different. This last man standing match showed Brauns dominance, while not completely ruining Sami. I think it’s safe to say that this last man standing match should be the end of this feud, but it turned out not to be so bad.
  1. Reigns vs Jericho- US Title match.
  • First off. I am a Roman Reigns fan. And if you’re one of the many who seem to despise him, and you love reading hate and negativity on him, then this blog probably won’t be for you. Roman has been a favorite since day one, and through all the controversy, my opinion of him hasn’t changed. He’s good. And so is Jericho. Jericho to me is someone that makes anything work. I mean he got a “list” to work. I can’t think of many others who could ever make something like that work, and not just for a couple of segments, I mean for months and months. These two are so good on their own, that they’re matches together are, in my opinion, fantastic. They work extremely well together. In this particular match I really loved the excitement factor it had. Not just because it was a title match, or because Roman could lose it if he got DQ’d but just by the way that the two of them performed. I really enjoyed it.
  1. Xavier Woods vs Titus O’Neil
  • This one probaby doesn’t make any sense to many… but let me explain. I have been a huge fan of Woods since he was still in NXT. I saw him live once, it was a dark match before a smackdown, and I just loved the way he was in the ring and that is still true today. So, This match is on my list because of three reason.
  • One: The way it was set up. Woods is not the weak link of The New Day and he’s going to prove it.
  • Two: Woods had a singles match, which unfortunately does not happen as often as I wish it did!
  • And Three: The match was good!
  • I don’t mind Titus, I love him as a person, and I’ve enjoyed him since he was also on NXT. They keep giving him these “gimmicks” and well… he’s doing the best he can.
  1. The Kevin Owens Show with special guest, Goldberg.
  • When they announced Goldberg was coming back I didn’t really care. I didn’t care because when Goldberg was big, I wasn’t watching WWE, so I didn’t really have a reason to care about his return. I was fearful, of course, that it was going to just be Brock Lesnar 2.0. Come in, have a match, get paid, disappear for months to a year, come back, destroy a top hardworking talent in a squash match and leave. I guess this is the point where I warn anyone reading this, that if you’re a Brock Lesnar fan I can promise you, you won’t see any love for him on this blog.. at all… ever. Anywaysssssss. When Goldberg did return I was actually really into his promo. It might have been because he said he was going to kick Lesnars ass, and theres nothing I wanted more than to see someone finally do that, and he seemed credible to me. And maybe I still really like him because he did in fact beat Brock in a minute and twenty six seconds. Nonetheless, I certainly like that he’s showed up more that once since his return, more than twice even. I like the way he interacts with the crowd, and not just because he’s a face either. Most of all I like the fact that, specifically in this final segment on Raw this week, he interacted with other superstars. To promote the Royal Rumble, Reigns, Strowman and Goldberg stood toe to toe ( after Kevin and Chris ran away of course). For some reason that I can’t quite put my finger on, it gave the Rumble this really big fight feel. It made it feel like even with just those three men, that they were going to scratch and claw there way to survival in order to win the Rumble and face Owens at Mania for the Universal championship, it didn’t feel like it was just going to be a bunch of mid card guys throwing each other around while four or five top guys came in and would inevitably win. It just felt different, and I liked it. The Rumble has always been my favorite, I just hope that this year is finally better than the previous few years.

The talent on this episode of Raw was great. Seth had a match with Kevin, and they’re always good. Cesaro is one of the best and I Karl is great, I wish I had paid more attention to the match if im being honest, but I was distracted. Cedric is easily my favorite Cruiserweight, I’m bothered by the fact they felt the need to pair him with Alicia. Neither of them need one another. Alicia should just be fighting in the women’s division. I just don’t see why it’s necessary. TJ vs Kendrick, TJ I took a love to watching him fight his way to winning the CWC and I still love to watch him and Kendrick is still an incredible wrestler, I’ve just seen it so many times, I didn’t pay much attention. Bayley vs Nia for number one contendership, I love that Charlotte and Sasha are finally getting new feuds. I love that Bayley is the underdog fighting the queen in charlotte. I love that Nia is really coming into her own, and wants to knock Sasha off this “ boss” pedestal she’s on. Nia and Bayley are both great competitors, and the match was a good match, it just didn’t make my top three because it was so short. I’d really like to see them get a lengthy match like they did in NXT because they’re matches there were fantastic.

I left out one match. Big Cass in the handicap match vs Jinder and Rusev. I have such a HUGE problem with his feud, on both sides, and for everyone involved. First of all, All involved, including Lana, should be doing much more than this. Rusev should be in the conversation for the Universal Championship, Big Cass and Enzo should be involved in the tag team title picture, Lana should be wrestling, or even just being Rusevs bad ass manager/wife because she’s so damn good at it, not some woman being objectified. And well even Jinder deserves more than to be mixed up in this. The whole storyline is one big mess and I just wish it would end.

If I had to give Raw a rating, I’d probably say a 7/10 for the talent involved.



                So unlike Raw, Smackdown is the show I always pay attention too. Theres hardly ever any channel flipping or extra actitivities and I honestly feel like that is how it is for a lot of other people.

                Here are my top four moments of Smackdown.

  1. The main event. Miz vs Dean for the IC Title.
  • Miz will easily, or at least he should, go down as one of the greatest IC Champions ever. Miz is incredible at his character, brings a lot to the championship because of it, and the recent addition of Maryse elevates that. Dean Amborse, much like Roman, has been my favorite since they arrived on the scene as the Shield. There is something about his character, the way he moves in the ring, the way he talks on this mic that just makes you not want to move your eyes from the tv… and NO that something is not just the fact he’s good looking. These two work incredibly together. Miz is a lot of talk, Dean is a lot of fist but when you put them in a match, magic does happen. This main even of smackdown wasn’t much different except for the fact that, maybe Dean had a little more edge to him because of the addition of Renee into the program. Dean came out on top of the match, with no assistance, except finally getting Maryse thrown out of ringside. Deans first run as IC Champion was such a good one, and I hope this one is as well. I am also looking forward to seeing Miz chase his title back and after seeing his break down on talking smack, im sure it’s going to be a good chase. I’m interested to see where this addition of Renee into the storyline goes, if it was short lived or is it a long term thing. Congratulations Ambrose, New IC Champion J
  1. Dolph vs Baron
  • Baron Corbin is that guy from NXT that not everyone is so sure about, but I was. I saw a couple matches of his at NXT and I knew, like many, he still needed work, BUT with that being said, I LOVE this lone wolf character, I think it really fits with him. By the time, he left NXT and came up to the main roster I feel he finally came into his own, and now he’s working with some of the top guys in the company. Dolph is an incredible worker, he can make anything work, and that helps Baron tremendously. The match was great, I think the best part was the end when Kalisto believed Dolph needed help when Baron went on the post-match attack, but instead, Dolph kicked Kalisto, because he doesn’t need anybody. After the last few months, I think this turn for Dolph came at a perfect time.
  1. Styles and Cena contract signing.
  • Styles and Cena most definitely lived up to the hype of what would happen if Styles ever got to WWE and finally went toe to toe with John Cena, and how would John Cena do coming face to face with AJ Styles. There matches over the summer were nothing short of classics, and it turns out two of the greatest have incredible chemistry. Not just chemistry inside the ring, but on the mic as well. The two can just as easily have a classic on the mic as they can in the ring and this contract signing is no different. Styles does not want to be the one who helps make John Cena a 16-time world champion, and Cena doesn’t want to be the guy that lost to AJ Styles three times, and the guy who was SO close to beating Ric Flairs record, but just couldn’t get the job done. There match at the Rumble will, in my opinion, have the chance to be the best match of the entire night.
  1. This isn’t a specific match or just one segment. On Smackdown live, a two-hour program, we can get THREE women segments. La Luchadora/Alexa and Becky. Carmella vs Aliyah, and Nattie and Nikki Bella. All three segments progressed a storyline in some way, AND the segments were more than a minute long. Nikki and Nattie had a war of words, that will lead to a brawl the two will end up having on next week’s smackdown live. Carmellas obvious plan to seduce Ellsworth to help her win matches, is working, and the mind games of Alexa Bliss on Becky are working. I just really love that no matter what else is on, you know smackdown live will give you good women matches and segments.

The show was good. It always is. Seeing Jordan and Gable as tag champions warms my heart! And I’m excited to see them face a team like the Wyatts when the rematch happens next week. I hope that over time Breezango gets more TV time, and maybe taken more seriously because, well maybe it’s just me, but I really like this time, if not for their characters but for the wrestling skill they both have.

I was almost hoping that I’d have something that I hated about smackdown live this week like I did Raw so that I could prove this wasn’t going to be a completely dominate Smackdown live post, but I just don’t have anything. The only little thing I could think of, is I do wish that this Nattie and Nikki feud could be done without degrading Nikki left and right. And by that, I mean body shaming her and making it like all she has is because of John because personally that really bugs me. But then again, it’ll make Nikki fight back even harder, and Nattie must say those things because she’s bad now and that’s an easy place to hit Nikki where it hurts.

I’d give Smackdown live an easy 9/10

Anyways, Good week of wrestling, in my opinion. I’ll hope to have this week’s Raw and Smackdown up by possibly even Wednesday this week because my work schedule has opened (not a good thing for my wallet but a good thing for this blog)


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