R.I.P Tilikum

I woke up this morning to learn that Tilikum, the Orca in captivity at sea world, and the focal point of the amazing Documentary Black Fish, has died.

My heart is in a million pieces.

I wanted blackfish and what Tilikum endured and it broke my heart. I think I cried though out the entire show. From that moment on I joined the fight against Sea world and all other organizations that hold animals in captivity for use of entertainment and money. No animal deserves to be in a zoo, a circus, stuck in a tank, out of their natural habitat in any way. The ONLY reason I find anything like that acceptable is when it is needed to be done to save the animal. Such as saving a cub, without a mother, who needs to learn to survive in the wild, (BUT then that animal is returned to the woods), bringing an animal in that was rescued after being hurt. Animals belong in the woods, in the ocean, in the jungle, in the Sahara. Animals are not here for your entertainment.


I went to the zoo once when I was about 10 years old.  At the time, I thought it was incredible that I was seeing a Tiger, a Giraffe, an Elephant up close. I think back on that now, 14 years later and I wish I could say I’ve never been to a zoo. Those animals weren’t happy, which made that experience, not worth it.

I could never understand how anyone could watch Blackfish and still support sea world. I could never understand that people that work there, who know the inside of what it takes to make the dolphins do those flips, and the whales do those tricks, could defend them. People can say it’s a job and I need the money. I understand that, trust me, but I could never, ever, ever live with myself, knowing that I was making a living off an innocent creature being abused.

There is research and facts EVERYWHERE that back up what these animals go through. All people must do is take the time to read it. Many people don’t because they think they can just ignore it, that it’ll go away, it’s not their problem. BUT it is. Animals need a voice, we are their voice.

People might not agree with me on this but I’m making a bold statement. When and If I ever have kids, they will not go to a circus, they will not go to a zoo, they will not set foot inside SeaWorld, or any other facility like it. They will know to love animals in their natural habitat, and that animals are not put on this planet to make money off them. I will do everything I can to ensure they have complete compassion for animals and their lives.

Tilikum was just one of the many animals that have died due to being stuck in captivity. I can only hope that in Tilikums passing it makes people wake up. It makes people watch Blackfish, which can easily be watched on Netflix. I hope that Tilikum hasn’t died in vein, I hope that this poor creature creates a stir. That people reinforce their efforts, peacefully but loudly, to get SeaWorld to WAKE UP, to boycott the zoos, and to boycott the circuses. I hope it makes people remember that animals are not here for our entertainment and the only place they belong, is their natural habitats.



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