My Two Worlds.

At first I considered separating my activist, book loving, planet based life from my football loving, TV watching, wrestling obsessed life… but then I thought… why?

All those things might be completely different from one other, but it’s all me. It’s all me wrapped up into one big crazy ball.


now this blog will not only be strictly for my love on the earth, animals and a planet based diet, it will also consist of my love for wrestling, football, TV, reading, and anything else I can possibly think up!

I’ve been saying that the last year has been a realization that not everyone is going to like or accept the same things that I do. And that’s okay, it’s better than okay, It’s fantastic.

We’re not all supposed to only like a certain kind of thing, be a certain kind of person. You don’t have to just be a girly girly, or just be a tom boy. You can be both, it’s exciting to be both.  You can enjoy getting your nails done just as much as you enjoy lounging around watching a football game. You can enjoy your Tofu salad while watching a UFC fight. It’s different, and it’s okay, because that’s just you,

& this is just me


p.s I don’t know who made this picture above, but I freaking love it!


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