What To Expect Soon!

I’ll be the first to admit that jump starting this blog a week before the holidays probably wasn’t my greatest idea. BUT while I haven’t been posting any actual posts in the last week, I still have been writing down and researching idea after idea, in between work, AT WORK, and at night after I get home from work before I drift off to bed.

Here’s a little list of what to expect between this coming Christmas weekend & the first week or two of the New Year!

  1. Vegan Christmas Cookies!
  2. Short ( or maybe long) explanation on my transition to Vegetarian/Vegan
  3. What It means to Put a Price on Carbon
  4. Actors/Actors that use their Celebrity to bring the problem of climate change to people’s attention.
  5. Women Empowerment & my (5-10) most influential women I look up to.
  6. More Meatless Monday ( & meatless everyday) recipes
  7. Five Animals Currently on the Extinction List/Headed there that are most upsetting to myself, personally.
  8. Cruelty Free Makeup! What companies to buy and where to find them.
  9. Vegan Dessert recipes
  10. My Favorite Smoothies to make packed with Protein!

I promise after the holiday I will have MUCH more time. I HOPE to do a post AT LEAST two to three times a week!

Until then, Happy Holidays, & Stay Tuned! bigstock-happy-holidays-type-6316938.jpg


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