Meatless Monday !

Happy Monday once again everyone!

I honestly really look forward to Mondays because I get to share my favorite vegan recipes and boast about how delicious they are! Either someone will completely agree, or someone will try it for the first time ( whether they like it or not)  and either way that’s a win for me!

This week I don’t have a full-blown recipe for you, and not because im feeling lazy, but simply because it’s the holiday season and my work schedule is outrageous I just haven’t had time to really cook yet! But nonetheless, this week I’m sharing one of my new favorite meals from Gardein. Many of you might already be in love with these products but I just have to boast about this one.

Before I became a Vegetarian, chicken was just about the only meat I liked anyways, and Chicken parm was easily my favorite meal. When I cut out meat all together, that meal was probably the only thing I ever had a hard time letting go of! Until now. The Gardein crispy tenders are DELICIOUS and super easy to throw in the oven. You can use them as just regular tenders, or do what I do and add sauce, Daiya cheese ( delicious vegan cheese!) and put it over pasta and have that “chicken parm” without sacrificing the poor chickens!

20161215_171056.jpg I hope everyone remembers that I am not a professional food photographer and these pictures will showcase that! I hope as this blog goes along, I’ll get better at it, but this is all the talent I’ve got right now!

20161215_171035.jpgGardein has INCREDIBLE products. From these crispy tenders, to vegan meatless meatballs, to chicken sliders, to fishless filets, AND products that are completely vegan and GLUTEN FREE! The products are sold all over the place, I get mine at our local stop n shop, they’re that easy to find!

Head over there website to check out all of their products, recipes, and other places near you to buy them!


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